Justis Lacy
Illustrator & Graphic Designer
Tennessee, United States of America


Freelance Illustrator & Graphic designer. I am more proficent in illustration than in graphic design, but I am more than capable of doing both. Professional memer, streamer, but not a talker. It's not my strong point yet. I spend most of my time on the internet just like everyone else. And here I am; coming to give you those good-good memes. Let’s be real. I’m just another awkward college kid, who has trouble writing about themselves without it sounding like a bad description from IMBD. And, like the majority of us, have no idea what to expect in the future. Name’s VindrNewtrl on everything social, except for the real world. Vin, Vindr (vendor), any variation besides the full name. Or, simply just Justis. Doesn’t matter to me.


Concept ArtEnvironment DesignIllustrationCharacter DesignGraphic design

Software proficiency