Week 10

The Dufala Brothers

For this week, I cold searched "the best artist websites. I have already reviwed Banksy without knowing his was up there, though "what a surprise". Anywho, have you ever heard of the Dufala Brothers? I still don't have a great grasp on who they are, but I do like their website. It is extremely simple yet it's layout with its big static text hugging the left side of the browser with subtext that turns grey and streches a bit right when rolled over. The site is one big portfolio filled with simple images and videos that do a nice job of documenting their work, which says a lot on its own.

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James Turrell

James Turrell falls on the list of artists I have never heard of who comes up in top ten best artist's websites. He has been around for a while, however. His artwork is beautiful, modern, sleek, and he has a lot of it. The site is just about as simple as you can get, which goes along nicely with his designs and work. His awars and biography and body of work are impressive. The style and feel of his site and work is peacful, calm, contemplative, and large. He has one link on his site to facebook, but that is all for social media. It's nice to see sites that are so image driven.

opening page work more work turrell himself

Wim Delvoye

Wim Delvoye. Another artist unbeknownst to me. His site is very creative and flamboyant, the home page especially that is, looking very much like the sims game. In the top left-hand corner the wirds Wim city are lit up like neon.The title attribute shows a W like Walt Disney, for Wim himself. He has very interesting works, many of which are controversial or thoughtful, many of which play with symmetry and repetition. I enjoy the style he chose to compose his site. He has great pictures on his site that work not in the lightbox fashion but which stay open on the browser. The only way to see them closer is if you increase the percentage you are viewing the browser. The cartoonish boxes the artist has chosen to help the viewer navigate through the site give a child like and humorous feel to the site, perhaps balancing out the serious efforts he has put into his work.

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