Week 11

Tom's of Maine

This week I have chosen to investigate the use of charcoal for cleaning one’s teeth to lead me to websites undiscovered. First product to come to mind is Tom’s of Maine toothpaste. It’s a nice, simple, interactive, user-friendly site. There are some small features that make it a little fancy, like the transition in the appearance of the main, centered logo showing up on the screen by growing bigger (on the header of the browser) and sliding from the very bottom of the browser, in the footer. The site works very well and responds quickly. The font chosen are nice and well balanced all together. A thin, whimsical rounded (arrondi) serif for titles, for the menu the mix of all upper-case and some lower-case. At the bottom of the page there is a RELATED bar that suggests four “tag words” that might be of interest to the viewer exploring the chosen page. Nice job hearing the sheep, Tom’s of Maine.

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Coconut Mama

On searching more, I came upon a recipe for natural toothpaste rated with five stars and 5-2 reviews, that pops up in its own special box when searching for “natural toothpaste with charcoal”. Coconut Mama, all things coconut. She has some great recipes, very nice looking documentation and an easy, responsive, user-friendly navigation system. The article she provided on charcoal toothpaste included a recipe to make home made toothpaste. It’s not the first time I have heard of this, as I have a friend or two who is very independent and resourceful when it comes to DIY products. Coconut Mama has some great products and advice. Some of her advertisements are a bit large and obnoxious, but it certainly is doing its job right getting my attention to enjoy all foods grain free. I understand this is a problem for some people, like my brother for example. All in this is a great site for coconut lovers and health nuts.

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Harper's Bazaar

Searching yet further for natural charcoal toothpaste, I came across an article in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. I have looked through this magazine at least once in my life. My mother often buys magazines on flights, and I recollect it was due to this fact. The site is very nice, what one would expect from Bazaar, which has been around since 1867, considering itself to be the “style resource for ‘women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture’. Aimed at what it calls ‘discerning ladies’. The site is clean, user friendly, and full of useful information. The article on charcoal was very informative and broke down the element charcoal, itself. To break it down, the effects of charcoal on our enamel might be too harsh, so it is recommended to experiment with lathering your teeth with charcoal infused paste, every once in a while. Us humans need fluoride to prevent decay, and thus should keep the old traditions, alive.

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