Week 12


I decided to do an entre on ebay as I am doing a campaign with the company. As one of the biggest companies in America, ebay has room to improve. The site has grown over the years and their story is amazing. The site is user-friendly and mostly responsive, however, not completely. When the window is minimized as small as it can be, the menu is cut off and a bar at the bottom of the page pops u for navigation. Their design, look, and feel has improved and become more modern over the years. Buttons are easier to choose and it is also easier to select whatever you need, from what it used to be. The images seem of better quality then before as well. A rotating banner scrolls through various objects on the home page, showcasing various categories. When minimizing the window, the size of the photograph stays the same, and actually overlaps the text underneath it, or the listing itself which is an interesting way to prevent the photo from getting any smaller when minimizing. When one clicks on a menu item, and they are taken to say the fashion page, the submenus for each item are shown on the left, and easily opened and closed. The interface looks much nicer and is easier to use then before. Great thing about selling on Ebay’s users can maintain their identity apposed to amazon where consumers interact with the big machine amazon, not the seller.

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Our next entrée is another corporate company, one that is currently trying to take over. Now competing with Ebay for selling products as well as buying, Amazon is creeping in. Whole Foods is no longer the same Whole foods that it used to be, and you can find just about anything you need now, on Amazon. Surprisingly, the amazon site is not responsive. Maybe they are encouraging their customer’s to shop with a full browser so as to see all of their ads and suggestions (ha) or maybe they need an update. The site is user-friendly and fairly easy to use. There are many options to click on and a lot of information to wade through. I find the site pretty overwhelming. One could easily spend hours on this site browsing through all the different departments in their lives looking to make it better, looking to entertain themselves etc. It’s almost too much. They have really joined forces with many other companies. Just look at the footer of the site! It’s overwhelming! I am still not an Amazon prime member…

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Poshmark is a newer site where one can buy and or sell their goods, but this time it is only clothing. The site is user-friendly and only somewhat responsive. The browser stops adjusting to minimization after a certain time. One can filter their search my brand, category of clothing, color, price, conditions, and availability. The site lists all the items “people also searched” and offers “more ways to shop” after you have limited and begun your search. It is nice to see a focused marketplace rather than the opposite of that, Amazon, who has it’s big ass foot in a little bit of everything. This site is all you need and is not bad, they just need to work on making the site more responsive.

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