Week 13


For two years of my life, I worked in a tattoo shop. There, I discovered Ticonderoga pencils, more specifically the red erasable checking pencils. They are great because they don’t smear. They aren’t the easiest to erase, nor is it always easy to see, but for this it is great to flush out ideas with. The website is very simple, and someone outdated when it comes to aesthetics, but there is something somewhat charming about this style and the product they are selling. Ticonderoga is owned by a company called Dixon, which own Prang, Das, Lyra, and Promotional Products, all of which are listed at the top of the web page by icon. The site is very easy to use, and all one needs for a commerce and information site. Their link to purchasing products is the only that that doesn’t seem to be working. The site is not very responsive in it’s design either, with the kind of folder looking box holding all the content of the site that seems to be floating in the rest of the browser that

opening page footer choices


Prismascolor is a great product, I have used them for over fifteen years. There site is simple and modern (especially after looking at dixonticonderoga). The layout is sleek and user friendly. All the pictures and images are of great quality. The menu is very simple. I enjoy when you select an option in the meny, the selection position is set to dotted. I really enjoy the simplicity of this site. I also like that there is a tab called inspiration.

opening page footer side menu


I have used Derwent throughout the years. From watercolor pencils to regular pencils, so not a whole lot but I really like what I have tried. The site is nice and simple again. It is greatly responsive and moves quickly. It has your standard minimization of the browser, consolidate the menu into a hamburger menu. Socials are the bottom of the page. The drop down menus that appear from the regular menu choices is quite impressive in length. Everything seems very easy to click on. There is also a map that shows you where you can buy certain products. A lovely site all in all, easy to use, great products, and updated to be completely modern.

opening page choices product example