Week 2

The Dead Weather

I am not super familiar with The Dead Weather, but I am usually a fan of most things Jack White does. I most enjoyed The White Stripes when they were together, but I am open minded. Upon first entering The Dead Weather website, one is taken to an opening page with their most recent music video for their most recent single, "Dodge and Burn". If one watched it, one gets a sense of The Dead Weather’s style and vibe immediately: dark, artistic, and somewhat humorous. This opening page is responsive. Underneath the video, one has the option to open the video in a site called “tidal”. If pressed, one is taken to another page (on the same tab) where there is listed all the information about the song and video, including when it was released, and the artist’s bio. This most recent song was released February 2016, so the website is a bit outdated or perhaps the band is not playing anymore right now. (As there are many side projects) If one goes back to the opening page, underneath where we just pressed to go to TIDAL, the words Available Now stand out in Yellow against the black, hinting at Jack White’s record label theme colors. Underneath "Available Now" is a menu. Third man record's symbol is on the left, clickable and leading one to the home page of Third Man Records. Reading from left to right, the next three buttons list sites one is able to purchase/sample on. iTunes, then amazon, and finally to TIDAL again, though this time uniquely to sample the music (not the video). Finally, at the very end of the opening page is a link to enter thedeadweather.com, which takes the viewer to a page with the band name as the header, covered on either side with skeleton hands. The menu just under this header from left to right reads: News, Videos, Contact, and Store. Underneath the menu on the News page are three pages of various posts in sequential order made via Facebook with links to go to the Facebook page. At the very bottom of the page, there is a sub menu to go to News, Videos, and Store, the copyright, and then on the very bottom right, links to their social media sites, Facebook, Youtube, twitter, and Instagram. The links listed are in the same canary yellow, as are the menu items when chosen. Under the Videos page, are all the music videos made by The Dead Weather. Under Contact, there is a simple menu, with the titles Management, press, ad booking in the same yellow and underlined, housing very simple un-clickable information. Finally, when one clicks on Store, one is taken to a subsection of Third Man Record’s Store. (As the band is within Third Man Records) The store has limited merchandise to purchase, but one is tempted to check out all the other bands.