Week 3

Electric Lady Studios

Electric lady studios is a recording studio in Greenwich Village, New York City built by Jimi Hendrix and designed by John Storyk (an architect and acoustician) in 1970. Hendrix spent only ten weeks recording in Electric Lady before his death, but it has since been used by many notable artists. The web page is responsive in all its glory. The home page is an off white/beige color reminiscent of the 70's. At the very top is the header "electric lady studios" that remains the same size no matter how you stretch the browser window. When the browser has a page break for large format viewing, the header adjusts to be on the left side of the main menu at the top of the screen, otherwise the menu is listed underneath this header. If one shrinks the browser way way down, the listed menu goes away and is consolidated to one Menu button, one can click on to view the menu items instead. The home page is very simple. Below the menu, is a relatively thin strip advertising The Kills "Live at Electric Lady Studios", as well as their new album out on vinyl now. One can click on this strip to navigate to a page where one can buy this Kills album, as well as easy access to the rest of the Electric Lady Studio shop, with a small menu of "Products, Contact, and Cart" at the top of the page. At the very bottom of this is a similar menu in the footer, with copyright information as well as a button to get back to the site. Underneath the Kill’s strip is a beautiful old school collage/illustration that really give a feel of the 70’s and holds the old school in the aesthetic of this site. Below this strip/image is another strip in a beautiful yellow ochre that advertises the most recent projects the studio has pursued, and all of them clickable to take one to the various artists’ information. At the very bottom of this home page is a strip with another old school/somewhat risqué image that advertises the address of the studio, on a white transparent block (with the background image bleeding through). This footer consistently shows on all pages. There is also social media links to Facebook and Instagram nested on the right side of the page. (The symbols are a bit pixelated). Next in the menu is Studios. This page takes you first to a brief history of Electric Lady, as well as the option to click on any of the five studios Electric Lady has: Studio A, C, D, & Suite MIX. When one clicks on the studios, one is taken to a page with information about the studio, with details of what equipment is included, as well as pictures of the space. Under the Management tab, one is taken to a page with a strip header image of a young Stevie Wonder, a UFO and a palm tree in black and white in front of a very 70’s orange/white/yellow pattern of flowers. This page advertises the establishment of management for Electric Lady Studios, founded in late 2015. It goes on to list the four in house producers/songwriters/mixers. If one click on the Records tab in the menu. One is taken to a page that informs the viewer of the establishment of Electric Lady Records, with another strip image of women artists in front of a very 70’s floral backdrop this time with a vintage Mustang. Only two new albums have been put out, and then at the very bottom is a small list of albums from the past. Under the News tab, the strip at the top has Lana Del Rey and some risqué rock n’ rollers in front of an art nouveau background. Listed underneath, are dates and videos of the most recent recordings at the studio all the way back until 2013! Under Photos as a masonry layout of the site’s Instagram, easily able to be clicked through, or followed on the Instagram site itself. Under the Merch page is the availability of various T-shirts, and albums recorded at Electric Lady Studios. Finally Contact has a simple list of the three people running the studio with clickable links to their emails as well as an option to subscribe to the site. All in all, a beautiful site representing many of the best artists who have ever existed!

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Sound City Studios

Continuing with the theme of recording studios, I wondered where Nirvana recorded their album Nevermind. Turns out it is a little studio in Van Nuys, California called Sound City Studios, incorporated in 1969. The facility had previously been a production factory of the British musical instrument manufacturer, Vox. The studio was officially closed in 2011, but opened back up in 2017. Dave Grohl made a documentary about the studio in 2013 titled Sound City. The studios list of artists is much more impressive than the website itself. Their site is super simple! The website is responsive! At the VERY top of the page is the studio’s symbol (though very dark!) at the top left of the page. On the top right of the page is the very minimalistic menu, which includes a microscope to search the site’s products (which doesn’t work very well), a shopping cart, and finally at the very right, a hamburger menu. On the home page, is a black and white photograph of Johnny cash making his last record (when he covered NIN) standing up in front of various people orchestrating music with him. This photo is in a horizontal strip and adapts to the browser as it is maximized/minimized. Underneath this photo header is a quote that somewhat justifies the simplicity of the website. The internet’s cool for some stuff, but at the end of the day, there's no book stores, there's no music stores, and there’s no "Sound City". Underneath this quote is the person who said the quote as well as the two bands he belongs to, Josh Homme, Queens of The Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal. Underneath this is a masonry layout of various albums made at the studio, many of the pretty famous, with the ability to show more. Underneath this section is "About Us" which gives a brief history of the studio, where it came from and what it is today. Below this is an option to enter one’s email to receive updates and promotions, as well as a photo collage with a focus on Johnny Cash in his later years. Finally, underneath this, is the footer with "Contact Us" displaying the address, phone number, copyright and social sites for the studio. The only other item in the hamburger menu is Shop, which shows two options under Categories, View all products or Clothing. One is also able to adjust how the items in the shop are listed with a drop-down menu to view them by Price (lowest to highest and vice versa), by name, or by popularity. That’s all there is to the site!

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Historic RCS Studio B

The website is responsive. When pulled out wide, the home page opens up with a horizontal turquoise strip at the very top of the page that lists from left to right, the studio’s logo, (which is the only element that sticks out slightly from the bottom of the horizontal strip. The words that follow are, VISIT, ABOUT, ARTISTS & THE MUSIC, WATCH & LISTEN, BLOG, & SHOP. To the right of these words is a microscope to search the site, and finally on the very right is a simple vector image of a ticket with the word TOUR. When the browser is condensed, this menu becomes a hamburger menu. Just underneath the turquoise menu bar is a picture of RCA Victor Studio on music row. Not the best picture, kind of glum. Underneath tickets & tours are options to take a tour, to join the newsletter, links to tickets, groups, the hits… Below all of this is the option to navigate to Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and/or Hatch Show Print. Clicking on either of these will open a new browser tab. At the very bottom of the page, the footer is in the same turquoise texture with another menu: About, Contact, Employment, Internships, Media, and Newsletter Signup. Below this is the copyright information, and the social media sites listed with white icons. There's already so much to this page! It's a little overwhelming. One is even able to click on the logo and to be taken to an "In Memoriam" page for Maxine Brown, who just recently passed 1931-2019. There are many options to click and learn more about Maxine and how RCS studios came to be on this page, so back to the home page! So far, this website is a bit complicated and somewhat of a turn off to navigate through. One can easily get lost and I can see how it would be frustrating if the viewer were less familiar and patient with technology. The best part about this site to me is the Artists & the music page, which gives a simple list of some of the important records recorded at the historic studio, as well as samples of songs for each artist. I think this website could use some tweaking!

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