Week 4

Alexander McQueen

The elegant, alternative, and large Alexander McQueen. I first saw his fashion when visiting New York. I fell in love with this olive dress, and seeing his name for the first time, I felt I had discovered some kind of gold. I didn’t know who he was, but I knew he was different, and seriously different at that. When I think of a modern fashion setter, I think of Alexander McQueen. I don’t know a lot about fashion, keep in mind. His website, does a very nice job in reflecting his talent, and showcasing his work. It is a sleek, clean, responsive, and easily navigated site. There is a lot of white space, and nothing complicated about it. McQueen's name is displayed simply at the top of the home page, in a simple serif font with the word QUEEN in his name in all caps, which alludes to the emphasis of his status as a queen in the industry. Just underneath his name is a simple menu of four items. Womenswear, Menswear, Gifts, and World of McQueen. Each of these items have a sub menu that is very clearly and elegantly laid out for the viewer. At the very top right of the page is a small simple menu of client service, store locator, and my account, and finally my bag. There is also a small SEARCH option underneath this. At the very bottom left is McQueen's copyright, and on the right, is a submenu that allows one to change what country you are shopping in, a repeat of the top right menu, with the addition of Subscribe, Follow us, Legal Notices, Privacy Policy, and Careers. These menus remain in the same place no matter where you navigate on the site. On the home page, underneath the top menu, there are two black and white photographs of a girl showcasing one of McQueen's recent pieces, framed with a simple thin red stroke. The categories provided to choose from is really well set up, and the viewer really feels in control of how they are shopping.

spider rings model tops


It is pretty awesome that Chanel, a company that has been around since the 1920's, has a website. It is a responsive website, as I would expect from Chanel! The site is a little overloaded with information, but it is not in an aggressive way. One has the option before going into the site, to pick what country/language one would like. Once in, very similar to McQueen’s site, the menu at the top is very easy and simple, and just about that is the word CHANEL, with a small menu to at the very right corner that navigates the viewer to search, their account, wish list, and shopping bag. When you hover over these tiny icons, a title attribute pops up with the label of each icon. The menu at the top is a bit more extensive than McQueen’s. Haute Couture, fashion, high jewelry, fine jewelry, watches, eyewear, fragrance, makeup, and skincare. This menu is repeated again on the bottom of the site, though it is listed in a vertical format, with other menus parallel, including online services, boutique services, and the house of Chanel. At the very bottom left is the option to change one’s country location, and then at the very bottom right are tiny icons to navigate to the social pages. The middle content of the home page is a series of block advertising various products. First, (of course being Valentines Day) there is an Ad for Valentine’s Day Gifts, with a small rectangle button to navigate the viewer to see more if they would like. This button exists on each advertisement following. The other blocks include a repeat of Valentines gifts, though featuring different photographs, and various highlighted collections, categorized into seasons. All but two of the option in the top menu, have a sub menu to choose from. Again, it is very similar to McQueen’s, though Chanel has decided to include a photograph to the right of the sub menu, highlighting one of the products featured on that submenu. This is a nice feature and keeps/sparks the viewer’s attention. This website, all in all, is very professional, and well done!

valentines menu dropdown new this season


As soon as one decides to navigate to Giorgio Armani, a pop up window comes up advertising and enticing the viewer to subscribe to their newsletter. One can either close the window, or enter their email address. Once one enters, at the VERY top of the page, rests the phrase "Log in into your account to get free standard shipping". Underneath that is the menu. Armani is positioned on the very left of this menu bar, bold, and black, in a font different from the rest of the content (of course, as it is his logo). To the right of this, are the words, sale (in red), fashion, lifestyle, Valentine’s Day (in red), and gifts (in red). Further down the line on the very right is another menu featuring Shop In: with the option to choose another country, Store locator, search, my account, and shopping bag. What you would expect from a site that sells clothing. I like the fact that one can choose to browse another country’s products more quickly than other sites. On this home page, is a series of advertisements advertising the opportunity to discover the brand. The first oscillates through three four different images. Underneath this is a his full name, Giorgio Armani, with the phrase “The perfect union between harmony and elegance, followed by two images advertising Jackets, and bags, with the option to click on a button to discover more. Underneath this is a section one can scroll through featuring different items in a section labeled "Highlights". Underneath this is a navy blue block (which makes it easier to separate the various shopping sections). The site is easy to navigate through and completely packed with information and products, which makes it a little overwhelming, but it also shows how much though is being put into this business. Not only does Armani provide luxury clothing, accessories and fragrance, but also hotels, restaurants and clubs.