Week 5

Trattoria Il Mulino

A chain that began in New York City, Il Mulino now has four locations. The home page for the business is very simple and straight forward. The website is responsive. I like the way the menu is set up, however the logo on the left is blurry. The menu includes the four locations, New York, Atlantic City, Orlando, and Nashville. When one hovers over the cities, a small menu pops up enabling the viewer to click on either Location or Private Events and Catering. Only problem with this, is when you hover over the words at a certain length in the browser, the ability to click on the box that pops up is taken away because another menu item is positioned just below it, and the mouse is taken away to that object. Not good. Luckily, if you minimize the broser enough you will get a hamburger menu. To the very right of the locations are listed press, shop, and contact. Underneath these items are two additional items to choose from with a little closing tag symbol in front of each phrase, >Il Mulino New York or >Il Mulino Prime. When clicked on, these links open a completely new tab to showcase the two “extra” features, however the Il Mulino Prime tab needs to be updated for the page does not exist! Underneath the menu is a strip of three images, one of people, one of food, and one of a mural. A good balance of photos to describe Il Mulino’s atmosphere! At the bottom is a little circular button pointing up that says top to take the viewer to the top of the page, which is a little unnecessary because of the lack of content but it’s still usable and makes it a tiny bit easier. The footer is comprised of the four locations with their addresses as well as at the very bottom of the page, the social sites. The tabs for each location are simple and straightforward. The pages are elegantly designed, with a map and description of the location, as well as a nice band of photograph that moves as one moves down the page. The only advice I have is to fix the page that links to nothing and to update your logo so it is not blurry.

opening page menu nashville

Dozen Bakery

Dozen bakery is the best bakery in Nashville, I have tried so far, and their website reflects their professionalism! I love the simplicity! They have an appealing logo that shows up centered nice and big and navy blue on a light blue background when you first visit the page. There are two phrases on the top of the page, one left and one right that one can click on at any time to get back to the home page. To the right are a series of vertical dots, which is the menu! One hovers over the dots to view what menu item they want to get to quickly rather than scrolling down to find it. Very nice! The site has parallax scrolling, which though it is a trend, it works very nicely! The menu includes “About us” the “Menu” that includes pastry, bread, weekday breakfast lunch, and weekend brunch, a “Contact” page, which includes their social links and the ability to join their mailing list. Under this is a find us page as well as a list of restaurants/cafes that sell Dozen’s products! Finally, there is the option to “Work with us”. This simple website seems to fit pretty well for a little bakery in Nashville.

opening page contact work with us

Chauhan Ale & Masala House

Nice, sleek, user friendly, responsive website. All graphics are clear and crisp, as are the photographs. The name of the restaurant is in the top left corner of the site, and a small hamburger menu on the very right corner of the window. Once clicked on, a list menu pops up from the left side of the browser, separated by almost tangible lines, so that the menu looks 3D or plastic. Listed are the items home, about, news, private events & catering, reservations, contact, location, newsletter, gift cards, and below this a link to their facebook, twitter, and instagram. The same statistics remain on the left side of the page no matter what menu item one clicks on, with the exception of “location”, which brings the viewer to another window and “gift cards” (for shopping cart reasons). The menu section is super long, but all in all, this website is super easy to navigate through.

happy hour left menu footer