Week 6

Ozzy Osbourne

One of the handful of original rock n’ rollers we have left. He recently acquired pneumonia and had to cancel his No More Tours tour, staying at home without travel for six months, as one can read in the news section of his site. I like how simple yet stylized the Ozzy site is, though the graphics and images aren’t of the best quality. If one zooms in to see the screen close up, the text on the site remains clear while the background image gets blurry and pixelated. The main page is very limited as far as moving down the page goes, one stops immediately and must choose to click on either one of the pages being flipped through, or on one of the menu items which includes news, music/dvd, tour, video, photos, links, and shop. One has the option to subscribe no matter what page you visit as a little link stays static up at the top, above the main menu. The images section of Ozzy’s page is very nice as it has so many historical photos of his journey. The way the site’s link and shop page is set up, is very convenient in that it directs the viewer to all the affiliated sites with Ozzy, for example, Black Sabbath’s official page, or their merch page.

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Black Sabbath

A favorite band of mine, though I didn’t discover them until I was about 30 years of age. I like the set up of their page, as it’s different from many sites because the background is completely covered in old school photographs and tickets, similar to a cork board hanging in a studio with years of photographs pinned up. When one moves their mouse over the photographs, top layer photos move groups at a time to expose a menu option, for example the first and easiest selection to stumble upon is their advertising of their newest album, 13. When hovering over the section, three of the black and white photographs scatter to expose the black and white photo hiding underneath of the album, which then turns to colored. To the right of this cluster is another with not only photographs but tickets from a concert. If one hovers over here, the photographs and tickets spread out to expose the option to view events. Unfortunately there are no events to show. At the very left bottom of the browser, also in purple, is logo that says bubble up. When clicked on, it takes one to the bubble up site, which advertises the many celebrities used to make this award-winning digital agency. To the right of this is the terms and privacy policy and tiny icons to their social media sites. Their sit is very minimal and exciting. I am a big fan of the format of many of their pages.

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Nice, sleek, user friendly, responsive website. All graphics are clear and crisp, as are the photographs. The name of the restaurant is in the top left corner of the site, and a small hamburger menu on the very right corner of the window. Once clicked on, a list menu pops up from the left side of the browser, separated by almost tangible lines, so that the menu looks 3D or plastic. Listed are the items home, about, news, private events & catering, reservations, contact, location, newsletter, gift cards, and below this a link to their facebook, twitter, and instagram. The same statistics remain on the left side of the page no matter what menu item one clicks on, with the exception of "location", which brings the viewer to another window and "gift cards" (for shopping cart reasons). The menu section is super long, but all in all, this website is super easy to navigate through.

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