Week 7


I’ve always loved Polaroid, especially the concept of instant film. Their website is very nicely done, and what one might expect. They have a very simple format, and though they have many different products, it is not overwhelming (on first navigating) for they seem to fit their plethora of products together tightly within their simple layout. At the very top right of the page is a general, broad menu including: About Us, an International, and a Support tab, along with a search bar with a magnifying glass to the right of these three items this. On the right is the Polaroid logo (a little pixelated which is often the case on these headings for brands). If one makes the browser smaller, the site is responsive and condenses the worded menu into a hamburger menu. Under the general menu and logo lives the main menu: Products, News, History, and Blog. You can find cameras & film, Televisions, accessories e.g. speakers for your smartphone, or even clothing or sneakers, under the products: style section. When you have an item of the main menu selected, there is a pretty rectangular strip of one of the colors in their logo that shows up underneath the item selected. Products: pink. News: orange. History: yellow. Blog: turquoise. It’s so cool that they have a timeline for their product’s evolution. The format of the News section is also very appealing, how all the dates run along the left side waiting to be clicked on. It is a very user-friendly site with plenty of room to breathe. The blog is a nice feature as well if anyone has curiosity to get involved with others.

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The Cannon site is what one would expect, a whole lot of product in a kind of corporate though appealing setup. It starts simple and branches out into the depths of what they’ve got, and man have they got a lot: a tech-lover’s paradise. Canon represents professional, quality products as well as a quality responsive site. Their new logo which shows at the top left of the screen is a bit bulky and again pixelated, but besides that everything looks great to me.

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There is something very solid about this site. I own a Fuji and the site somehow reflects how their cameras feel. The best example I can take from the site is how when you click on one of the menu items, the window stays opened unless you manually click a little x in the right corner of that window. I love this feature, because so many times that little window is so temperamental. The site is complicated, but like that of Canon it is to be expected. They have a history section within their about us page, which is nice. The site is not as user friendly or visually appealing to that of Polaroid, but again this is a great example of how the product reflects the complexity of the site itself. Fuji feels more foreign than Canon or Polaroid, as though it was built in Thailand or something. It is all in all a very solid sight with plenty to navigate through to find all the information you need.

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