Week 8


The Carmax site is a simple, responsive, user-friendly site for anyone who wants to buy or sell a car. The colors and design are simple and clean, and the simple illustrations they have are cute, loose, and inviting. The chosen sans serif font works well with the modern, inviting overall look. Like many responsive sites, when you minimize the browser, the menu at the top of the site contracts into a hamburger menu. To the left of the menu is a simple menu of location, facetime, and the cars you have pressed the heart button on, while signed in to your account if one so wishes to do so. The main menu (the content in the hamburger when screen is reduced) shows you the cars for sale, how to sell your car, finance options, and an about page. The options are organized well on this site in order to find what one is looking for. The organization is a bit better than say Cravana, just for the fact that they have highlighted the menu option chosen at the top of the search, in colors.

opening page dropdownmenu carsearch insideview


Carvana has a softer, less corporate feel to their branding, compared to Carmax. The site is responsive and has a futuristic and natural feel. There are multiple ways of selecting your filters, which may be a bit overwhelming at first, but after some navigating, it makes sense and comes in handy. The 260 view of the car, and the ability to actually look around is great. It is very similar to Carvana, but again, has a lighter feel.

opening page carsearch singularcar

Kelley Blue Book

This site is an easy, satisfying experience. The click-ability of buttons on the site is very responsive and in general this site moves quickly with the viewer’s prompts. I very much enjoy the way that they have their content set up, and the quality of information and videos. The images they use, are however, pixelated and fuzzy in many places. The site is not responsive, either.

opening page video carlist fuzzy