Week Four:

The Washington Post

The Washington Post is my go-to, my yin, my saving grace. Where would I be without it? Lost? And while, a lot of it can be super depressing and uninspiring, it's, mostly credible, journalism. It's no New Yorker, but it's a much cheaper subscription. That's one thing that bothers me about new news is paying to READ. I understand that the news does not operate as a non-profit; however, it's frustrating to think about all those people who are misinformed because they won't pay to read the news (or don't know how to clear their cache). Annoying pop-ups aside, it's very easy to read. We can thank Garamond for that! The point-size is perfection. In all fairness, the ragging isn't terribly distracting as far as web design goes. I suspect that has to do with their margins and grid layout. Well done, WAPO!