Wish Review

Let's talk about Wish. You've probably used it to order little things like pins and patches and stuff like that, maybe one or two clothing items. Let's first talk about the window sizing and how the website looks when you change the window. It accommodates to the window size well; first a row of four items, and then two, and then one column (which is probably how it looks on phones.) As far as the actual aesthetic goes, I like it. The blues and the whites and grays all help it look very clean, professional. The geometric layout of it also helps with this. It makes the products easy to see, and if you see an item you like, all you have to do is click on it, and it takes you to the proper page to order it. But when you shrink the window, it just gets cut off, and then you have to side scroll. Overall, I say the website functions well! It's easy to get to your order history and items that you've saved. The only complaint I really have is about how payments can get delayed, but that's probably not something you can change without taking out big chunks of code. Your website looks nice, Wish, please deliver products to your customers that are just as nice!

A screenshot from the website Wish. There's an icon of a man holding what appears to be giant turnips, in what looks to be a mobile device format.
A screenshot from the website Wish. There are two columns of icons instead of just one, each listing different itmes.
A screenshot from the website Wish. There are now four columbs of icons, each listing different items.
An image of a drop down menu. The items in the menu are listed as follows; Wishlist, Shopping Cart, Order History, Daily Login Bonus, Wish Cash, Rewards. Below all of that there's an FAQ, Settings, Logout.

Amazon Review

If you haven't used Wish before, surely you've used Amazon once or twice before. When you pull up the Amazon page, it looks a little daunting. There's a bar up at the top, links on the home page. If you click on the hamburger menu on the left hand side, it pulls up a menu of features that you have to scroll through in order to look at them all. But when you let your mouse hover over Accounts and Lists, this monster of a menu comes up, and you've gotta lean in in order to read some of these lists. And all these links WORK- I can't think of one reason why I would need so many links underneath one button on the home page. If I wanted to view my order history, sure, it's the second link that's there, but why is there a need to fit all of these links into one menu? As far as actual aesthetics go - Amazon, I know you can do better than this. Please put some more effort into your aesthetics, PLEASE. Also, if you could condense this monster pop-up menu, that would be fantastic.

An image of the Amazon homepage.
A drop down menu from Amazon.

Aliexpress Review

If by some stroke of luck you haven't used Wish OR Amazon, maybe you've looked at Aliexpress. Unlike Amazon, their homepage looks pretty easy to navigate. If you scroll down a bit, there's a section that reads, in order from left to right - Fashion, Home, Kids, Tech, Beauty, and Sports. I'm a sucker for the way that Beauty and Sports are styled; it's modern, and it gives the website a little more class. The warm tones in the title also help the page look more user-friendly, and the background colors they've used are extremely versatile. All in all, good job AliExpress! Now all we need you to do is ship products that DON'T have mold growing in them.

Part of the AliExpress homepage.
Bottom half of the AliExpress homepage.