Thisissand Review

Originally, an old therapist told me about the site called This Is Sand. She recommended it whenever I felt panicky or worn out, and it's a pretty fun little website. You quite literally just go on there whenever you feel sad, and if you click your mouse, sand starts to pour out. You can change the colors, control the sound, add gradients to the sand if you want. If you're using a laptop with a trackpad, you can double click so that the sand keeps pouring even when you let one finger go. All you have to do is just click again to turn it back off. They even showcase some of the sand creations in a little gallery for others to look at and take inspiration from.

What appears to be a brightly colored mound of sand. There's a little circle up in the righthand corner; from here you can change the color of the sand manually, or you can randomize it.
The gallery portion of the Thisissand website.

Flow Review

This is another website that I found via Trevorspace (which will be featured in a later review). It's a little game about this microbe that goes around eating other microbes, and as you get deeper, the mini enemies get bigger! To progress, you eat the microbes with red centers, and try to eat the enemies before they eat you. It's a cute little game, but the website itself could use a little more work. The menu displayed above the actual game monitor feels a little bit stale, and it seems like there's an image that can't be found on the lefthand top corner.

A photo of the game in use. There's a little microbe on the screen, which appears to be chasing after other microbes smaller than it.
The whitespace surrounding the game area. It appears to be very plain; possibly to keep the viewer from getting distracted during their game.

Weavesilk Review

I happened to stumble across this early one morning before I had to go to class. It's a pretty soothing little thing. You draw whatever you want with your mouse, and have the different options of mirroring your lines and you can even blend colors together! If you find mandala work beautiful, but don't have the patience to sit down and do each line, this is a pretty fun little thing to do to just pass time or get a general idea for a mandala down. You can take pictures of your final product here too, and share them with friends and family. There's no gallery, like Thisissand, but your creations can live on forever in screenshots or you can wipe them out by closing the tab or hitting the New button.

The website in use. There's a color window open, with several different controls to make mandala-esque type drawings.
The website in use. There's a color window open, with several different controls to make mandala-esque type drawings.
The opening screen of Weavesilk.