Cafe Coco Review

Since last week's restaurant themed reviews were fun to do, I figured I'd talk about more places in Nashville and their websites! The first being the one, the only - Cafe Coco. It's a really cute little place for a quick cup of coffee, and a good place to study if you just need to get out of the house. But it appears the website could use a little more love, if not the same amount of love the inside of Cafe Coco gets. First things first; we get a popup window as soon as we click onto the website. I'm sure I've already stated that I find those annoying, but I'll mention it again just in case. They do have a nice little menu bar up at the top, where you can access the menu, but once you get there the menu just looks a little sad. Dated, even. And when you scroll down to look for the newest menu, the text is kinda off to the left and out of the way. It looks so lonely! All in all; the website gets all the things done, but the styling could be pushed a little bit more, in my opinion.

A popup ad for the Cafe Coco newsletter.
Top half of the Cafe Coco homepage.
Menu bar at the top of the Cafe Coco homepage.
Part of the Cafe Coco menu.
Updated Cafe Coco menu.

Demo's Review

The next restaurant website up belongs to Demo's! While the food is pretty nice, and the service is fantastic, it isn't for everyone. A lot of the recipes are very traditional, and dare I say bland, but it isn't bad if you're looking for somewhere to go on a date or catching up with a friend. The website itself doesn't seem terrible; the typeface could use a little work, but everything is big and super easy to read. There's a calendar with all the specials on it, and you can sign up to receive news about Demo's directly to your email account. There's also phone numbers there for all their store's locations, should you need them. Overall; not half bad.

The Demo's homepage.
A list of phone numbers of Demo's in the Tennessee area.