Drug Store Coffee Review

Since last week was a little sparce in reviews, we're going to be doing three meaty website revies this week. First one up is Drug Store Coffee, located off of the lobby in the Noelle hotel in downtown Nashville. It's a very cute little place, with a vintage kind of feel while also remaining true to modern day. The coffee itself is beautiful, the packaging on all of their items is beautiful, and they somewhat recently had a local artist come in and repaint part of the lobby, just outside their front door. But enough about the pysical place; let's talk about the website. The homepage looks very put together, but still welcoming. The background color does a good job of ensuring that the viewer feels welcomed instead of stiff and uptight. The menu is fairly easy to read, and the link at the bottom takes you to a PDF of all their current menus. The menu layout could use a little more work. Daredevil looks like it's just been kinda slapped on there, the title doesn't look centered. The letting between lines is wildly inconsistent. It's frustrating, to say the least, especially since the Noelle main page has such nice mechanics and layouts. Overall, not too shabby, Drug Store Coffee. If you need a new menu, consider letting me know.

The Drug Store Coffee homepage. They have their hours listed below a photo of the actual space, their address, and a menu available for both all the restaurants in the Noelle and for the Drug Store Coffee. The web page itself is a light cream color, which helps make the page feel a little warmer.
The menu PDF. The text is bright red, with black subtext. The layout is a little hard to follow, but the coffee itself is in very ineresting flavors (whiskey caramel, espresso and tonic, etc.)

Hugh-Baby's Review

Ah, sweet Hugh-Baby's. They have fantastic milkshakes, great fries, and an even better interior. It reminds me personally a lot of the fifties aesthetic, and it makes me wonder if there'll be more places with that aesthetic soon. Their website perfectly matches the building; a soft blue, a bright pop of red, the same pattern they use on the tables turns into a background. The photos all match the way the food looks when you get it, and there's a nice modern touch to help balance out the fifties aesthetic. Like Union Common, the majority of their homepage is just one big scrolling page. There's a menu bar up top, and their menu is well designed, easy to read. The balance between the sign-painterly typeface and the sans serif is very well paired. Major props to whoever designed this page. Not too shabby, Hugh-Baby's!

A photo from the Hugh Baby's homepage. There's a cheeseburger with the text 'Real food. Cooked to order.' laid over it.
A screenshot encouraging patrons to submit the principles they live by. 'Got any words of wisdom to pass along?'
A short little blurb about the food quality at Hugh-Baby's.

Maggiano's Review

Last but certainly not least, Maggiano's. If you ever get the chance to go check it out, I reccommend you do. The service is fantastic, all the food is handmade. It's expensive, but well worth the cost. They've also made their website super easy to navigate! The home page has clear tabs of what goes where, and there's a little hamburger menu up in the top righthand corner to try and make life a little easier for those that may have a hard time reading. You can read reviews if you scroll down a little, and if you go further, you can make your own reservation. They even have a page specifically dedicated to making sure your leftover pasta is as enjoyable as it was when you sat down to eat it there. Thank you so much Maggiano's, for being so catering towards us all.

The homepage of Maggiano's. There's a hamburger menu, and then three other, separate menu bars.
The sidebar menu.
Make a reservation by filling out this form. No calling needed!
Customer praises from various review websites.