Border Angels Review

This week we're gonna be taking a break from the food to look at some websites that are trying to do some good. The first one up is called Border Angels. Their main goal is to fight for human rights and immigration reform by educating the general public on what immigration reform would look like. They focus primarily on the US-Mexican border issue, but they are currently trying to support a caravan that's passing through Tijuana. Content aside, this is a very pretty website. There's a little slideshow on the homepage of the organization in action. There's also a little popup block to sign up for a newsletter, so you can keep track of events in real time. Their main menu bar looks easy to navigate, and there are little arrows by a few spots to help distinguish what has a dropdown menu. Overall, a great organization with a great site.

A short blurb about the company taken from their homepage. Their About section lists a brief synopsis of everything they're about.
An image of their slideshow and dropdown menu. There's a spot to set up an account, an about page, and even a store to buy things form.

TrevorSpace Review

The next website up is TrevorSpace. This website was created for LGBTQ+ youth (up to 24 years old) to meet and talk to one another so they can work through their struggles and support one another. The website is really pretty; the login page has a beautiful illustration, and the layout helps call more attention to the way the site is actually set up. The colors that they've used aide in making the viewer feel more comfortable, and the layout is very easy to read. Excellent job, TrevorSpace.

A homepage of all the message boards TrevorSpace offers.
A screenshot from the login page. There's a diverse cast of characters, al drawn in a very soft, comforting style.

Change Review

Last but not least is the website Change. Change is dedicated to letting people make their own petitions to help make change come around a little faster. They've helped several people who were wrongfully imprisoned, are still actively working on trying to get water back into Flint, and they remove any hateful content that may appear on their site. When you open it up, the red/orange color scheme really helps catch your attention and hold it. It also does a good job of conveying that they want to actively push against bigotry, whereas Border Angels is more focused on helping people who have been wronged by that bigotry. A little color goes a long way. The site itself is set up very nicely; the front page of the site has a little scrolling menu of trending stories (about six total at the bottom). If you click on Browse, you're taken to a page with various petitions listed in a column, ranging from people still fighting for 9/11 responder compensation to removing hateful alt-right content on popular social media. It's very easy to navigate, and if somehow you do get lost, all you have to do is click on the in the lefthand corner and you'll go right back to the homepage. Overall; not shabby at all.

The homepage of There's a login button up in the right, and a menu bar. The first thing you see is the slide show of different petitions, and you can click on the thumbnails to see the different kinds of petitions without having to click on them.
The homepage of There's a login button up in the right, and two menu bars- one at the very top, and then one to scroll through the various categories of petitions.