The Mad Herbalist Review

The past week I've been been on several pages for tea houses and tea lounges, so I figured I'd see if their websites lived up to their teas! The Mad Herbalist certainly does; their homepage is neat, and professional, without being terribly stiff. The type choice in the upper left hand corner helps the page feel just a touch classier when paired with the sans serif type they have for their body copy. All of their information is all on one page, contained by a thin black line, and given dimension by adding a little bit of a drop shadow. My only complaint really is that they don't include their tea prices, or the sizes that the teas are available in, like they do in store. They do however have neat little slideshows of the food they offer and some of the vessels that the teas come in (such as tea flights, a series of three teas that can be taken hot, cold, or sparkling, served in small cups which are then placed in a plank to hold your tea and make it easier to transport from the kitchen to the main seating area, or upstairs). At the bottom of the page, you can reserve the space for an event, take a gander at some of their frequently asked questions, and you can be linked to their social media pages. Not half bad, Mad Herbalist!

A screenshot from The Mad Herbalist's webpage. There's a title which reads Tea Lounge + Eatery, a short blurb about the company and their ethics, and then a part of their rotating tea menu. The one shown here gives us a list of their winter teas, and their ingredients.
A screenshot of the form needed to reserve a private event area. There are bars to input your first and last name, an email, expected dates, guest attendance, and the reason for the event. There are astericks by each bar to show that each one MUST be filled out before submitting.
A screenshot of The Mad Herbalist's hours, their frequently asked questions, and links to their Instagram, Facebook, and Yelp pages.
A picture taken from one of the slideshows on The Mad Herbalist's food. There are six pictures in said slideshow, which are clickable or you can let the slideshow run on it's own.

High Garden Review

Next up, we have High Garden Tea House and Apothecary! Their website is aesthetically very pleasing; their header image has a very nice woodland witch kind of feeling, which might not have been their intention, but I really like it! Probably my only complaint is that you can't click on the teas on their Herbs and Teas We Carry page to order them or check the prices. And in order to check the tea prices, you have to click on thumbnail images of the teas in order to get the specific pricings for every kind of tea. I'm sure there's a reason the website is set up this way, since different teas have different values, but it's a pain to have to click so many times just to get to the prices of the tea. Overall, I love the aesthetic you have, High Garden! But I would consider making your page a little more compact and direct, for your own benefit and the benefit of your customers.

A screenshot of the various kinds of teas High Garden offers in store. Teas are listed on the lefthand side, and everyday herbs are listed on the righthand side.
A closeup of the menu bar on High Garden's homepage. It reads; About Us, 2019 Classes, Shop Online, The Herbs And Teas We Carry, Contact/Visit us, FAQ's, Herbal Resources, Log In.
A screenshot of the High Garden Homepage.
A screenshot of some different types of green tea High Garden sells.

Bubble Love Review

Now it wouldn't be right to talk about tea and tea houses without leaving out an authentic bubble tea place. Bubble Love is a Nashville based shop, and their website is cute without coming across as childish. Their type choice is modern, and still fun while being very business-like. The blue helps add to this feel they're going for. The site itself is very easy to navigate. My only complaint is that there's no way to check for pricing, even on their menu. The illustrations that go with the menu items are cute, but I'd much rather know how much a drink costs rather than the ingredient that goes into their different flavors. I will give them a bonus point for adding short descriptions underneath their menu items. Overall, not too bad! Just a bit disappointed that I can't pricecheck without going in person.

The homepage of Bubble Love's website. There is a menu bar, with links to the menu, about page, and their blog! There are also links to their social medias on the righthand side.
A screenshot of their menu. The flavors read as follows; Classic Milk Tea, Chocolate Milk Tea, Honeydew Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, Coconut Milk Tea, Caramel Milk Tea, Pomegrante Tea, Green Apple Tea, Passion Fruit Tea, Kumquat Tea, and Lychee Tea.
A screenshot of the about page, with a picture of the owner at the downtown Nashville farmer's market.