Pointer Pointer Review

Since we've been reviewing some pretty functional websites, I figure it's time to review some websites that really have no point other than to make people laugh, or occupy their time. Our first website up is a fun one called Pointer Pointer; you wave your mouse over the screen, and the website will pull up a picture of someone pointing at your mouse, wherever said mouse may be. It's a rather addicting site, and if you aren't careful you can spend a good two or three hours just seeing which pictures pop up and if you get any repeats. Functionally, this website works as it was intended. I'm worried about the person or people who actually sat down and took the time to code out every single move a mouse could make, but I'm very proud of them for doing such a good job. The pointer locator is almost scarily accurate. I don't have any screencaps to show you with the mouse in them, so I suggest you go and try the site out for yourself to get the most out of it instead of reading this review.

A screencap with a picture of a man's arm. They appear to have taken this in a dark room, and there is a portion of someone's hand on the righthand side, pointing at where the mouse landed.
A photo of two people looking at someone out of the range of the camera. There's a finger poking out of the right side of the photo, right where the mouse used to be.
A photo of some friends gathered around a table. They appear to have been drinking, and one man has his pointer finger out at the person behind the camera.

Snap Bubbles Review

Snap Bubbles is exactly what it says it is; a site that lets you pop bubble wrap as many times as you like. Aesthetically, it could genuinely look worse. The dropshadow on the type doesn't do it any favors, but it's easy to read. The scripty type on the cardboard isn't the best either, but it's not the worst type either. On a desktop, the site looks pretty empty. I'm assuming the the person/people who built this site weren't expecting to have it viewed on a screen as big as a Mac in 2019. Overall, it's a fun little site! Definitely reccommend if you like repetitive motions. I actually use this site a lot if I have a lot of anxious energy; just plug in a pair of headphones and pop away!

The homescreen for BubbleWrap Simulator. There's some chunky type up top, and a piece of cardboard the name and link are placed over.
A screencap of the game in progress. The only thing that's changed is a piece of bubblewrap has been placed over the cardboard we saw earlier, and there is a counter for hw many bubbles we've managed to pop.

Useless Website Review

Our last site is as it sounds; a useless website. This webpage features a block of text, and a bright pink button, which takes you to gems such as Tiny Tuba, Sell Me Something Weird or Confusing, and Can't Not Tweet This.I reccommend you experience it yourself. Be warned, some of the sites here have flashing screens and lights; be careful when using The Useless Web. Enjoy this week's slew of sites to just burn time!

A homepage with the words Take Me To A Useless Website Please. There's a bright pink button underneath the block of text, and a small ad.
A tiny tuba in the center of the screen.
A screen with the words Sell me Something Weird or Stupid Please in the middle of a white screen.
A screen with Tweet in the background, and a link to Twitter that follows your mouse relentlessly.