Dollskill Review

Dollskill is a very poupular alternative clothing site, which I love to look at. It changes regularly, and features tons of trending clothing items. For exa,ple, their Zodiac series follows the year very closely (Taurus was just released on April 20th), and accurately reflects the personality of each sign. Clothing aside, the site is pretty easy to navigate. If there's a collection on the homepage that you like, you can click right on it and it'll take you directly to that collection. The only downside that I can really find is that the dropdown menus could be a little distracting. The aesthetic that they're going for is well achieved through type, color, and placement. Overall, wonderful job Dollskill!

The homepage of the Dollskill website. Links to the Electric Dolls collection and the Beach Club collection are visible, as well as a menu bar, a shopping cart, language capabilities, and a login area.
A closeup of the Beach Club link. The Beach Club collection features a wide array of swimsuits, makeup products, and other accessories.
A screencap of the Ragged Priest collection. It features very big and chunky pieces paired with tighter fitting clothes.

Stay Cold Apparel Review

Stay Cold Apparel is a German based company that features content of various kinds. Occult art, traditional tattooing styles, and the company logo are featured on sweatshirts, tee shirts, beanies, and the company Instagram. As far as navigation goes, their site is super easy to get around. The contrast of the black, white, and red make it super easy to know which page you're on without breaking from the company aesthetic. Rollovers on the homescreen tell you how much a tee shirt is without having to get to the checkout screen, in addition to showing off what designs they have on sale. As with any site, you can also register your email to figure out when items might go on sale or when something new is dropped. Great job, Stay Cold!

The opening screen on Stay Cold's website. The link immediately available takes you striaght to their Rebirth the collection, the most recent one dropped as of April 22nd, 2019.
A screencap taken from the items on their for sale screen. There are tee shirts, long sleeve shirts, and sweatshirts featured, as well as one short sleeved button up shirt.
Stay Cold's Essentials collection. It's a variety of black and gray pieces, varying between long and short sleeved shirts.
A closeup of six sweatshirts underneath Sweatshirts on their site. Most are black, but there's one gray sweatshirt with a lot of red on the front and the back.

Steven Rhodes Review

Steven Rhodes has recently gained a lot of popularity thanks to all of his hard work, and it's very well deserved. His style mimics that of vintage styles incredibly well, and blend in some snarky attitude to address Rhodes' personal opinions and commentary on popular culture. When you get to the site, at first you might think you need to up your screen brightness, but if you mouse over the icons and menu bar, they glow to help you select the one you want! If you really like one of the designs, you can look to buy one here! Not bad at all, Rhodes! Keep up the great work!

A screenshot from Steven Rhodes' main website. The title of the piece is Alien Abduction Club, and features three children standing at a distance from a flying saucer.
Steven Rhodes' homepage. It features a dimmed screen, and a collection of his different works.
A movie poster of Rhodes'. It advertises a movie titled The Wolfman Ate My Homework!
A screenshot taken from Rhodes' Threadless shop, where you can ask for the designs on shirts, mugs, and even skateboards. There's one featuring voodoo rituals, another titled My New Family, and Let's Play Catch!
A screenshot showing us with the dropdown menus look like on Rhodes' Threadless Shop.