Getsome Coffee Review

Getsome Coffee is a coffee shop in Clarksville, Tennessee that is run and operated by a retired military pilot named Tony and his wife. Their coffee is fantastic, but the website itself could use a little work. The type is in a face that can be hard to read for some, and doesn't really match the tone of coffeeshop in my opinion. The homepage itself is overwhelming to look at, and you have to scroll down considerably in order to even read about the coffee shop. The menu has tons of options, and wouldn't be half bad if all the menu items were the same color. This site does it's job, but could stand to get a little more TLC. Keep workin' at it, Tony!

The bio on Getsome Coffee's site. It reads; 
Need your fix? Come and Getsome!
Time for a coffee break or maybe just a great place to hang out?
Getsome Coffee is your special home away from home. Bring your laptop computer, wireless devices, or use one of our two paid Internet Cafe computers equipped with webcams and headsets.
Our coffee shop is also a great place to hang out before or after the movies since we are located within a walking distance from the Regal Clarksville Stadium 16 movie theater.
Getsome Coffee is a veteran and locally owned business. Currently, we only have one store located in Clarksville, Tennessee. We have been in business since 2006.
A series of photos on Tony's site, one of which is missing and doesn't have any alt text. Th other three are various shots of the shop.
A screenshot of Tony's drink menu. There's a wide variety to choose from, but the menu is colored differently for what seems to be no reason.
Links to varius spots in Clarksville, such as Fort Campbell, City of Clarksville, Montgomery County, State of Tennessee, Austin Peay State University, and City of Hopkinsville Kentucky.
A picture of the homepage with the links to social medias floating off to the lefthand side.

Lasater's Coffee Review

Lasater's is another coffee company based in Clarksville, Tennessee that is a big hit around town. They have good coffee for a pretty good price, and while each location is different, their site has the aesthetic that they try to achieve in their physical locations. It's just a simple white site, with a dropdown menu bar. It's understated, and very successful in creating a cool, put together look. Not too bad, Lasater's!

A photo taken from Lasater's homepage. The picture is of an iced coffee, and what appears to be a cold brew coffee.
The opening page on Lasater's site. It reads; We’ve been proudly roasting and serving award-winning coffee in Tennessee since 2004. Our vast selection of teas, specialty drinks, soups, panini sandwiches, grilled wraps, breakfast foods, and sweet treats will be sure to bring a bit of happiness to your day. You can even take the happiness with you! Grab some of our whole-bean coffees, organic teas, handcrafted mugs, and more to enjoy in the comfort of your home. We hope to see you at one of our 7 locations soon. Bring a friend!
A picture of part of their story. You can go to the site in order to read it in it's entirity.