Nothing More Review

Nothing More as a group has been around for a while, and they make beautiful music. One of their most popular songs is Jenny, a song written for one of the band member's friends who died via overdose. Another, God Went North, is about the singer's relationship with his mother and what he was feeling as she was passing. If you pay attention to the end of the song, you can hear the "angels" singing at the end of the song; this is what Jesse was hoping his mother was hearing coming from Heaven, even though he doesn't believe in a thing like heaven.

Their site itself is a very simple little site; the link takes you straight to their touring page, and to get to their actual site, you scroll down and hit the button that says "Enter Site". It's a good way to get people to see that you're touring, and maybe get them to buy some tickets. Their website from their has a YouTube link to a song from their newest album, The Stories We Tell Ourselves. The color palette of their site fits their on-stage prescence well, and the hamburger menu is very easy to navigate. There's multiple links to social medias, which is very thoughtful. Overall, a fantastice job, Nothing More. Keep up the great work.

The opening page on Nothing More's site, which links directly to tickets and RSVP seating.
The homepage of Nothing More's actual website. There's a gallery with four pictures at the top, and a YouTube link to their song Let 'Em Burn. There's also a box to sign up for updates if you plug in your zip code and email address.
A look at Nothing More's hamburger menu. Their links read as follows; Home, Tour, Store, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Apple Music, Spotify, and Follow on Spotify.
More links to their social medias. Their Instagram pictures are featured, with links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube below them.
A link directly to Nothing More's Spotify profile. Their copyright is the footer, and there's a button to take you back up to the top of the page.

In This Moment Review

In This Moment has also been around for a while, but are now starting to gain more traction in the rock/metal community. The lead singer, Maria Brink, is called "Mother Maria" by her fans, and makes sure the entire band commits to the aesthetic that she picks out for them and their albums. A lot of her songs talk about the experiences she's been through as a sex worker, growing up in an abusive household, and in one song she directly addresses the rumors about her online in a music video that she directed and starred in (Sex Metal Barbie). The effects are a little heavy, but the costume design is wonderful. All of her music videos put her at the front, in a position of power, and it's a refreshing thing to see when the majority of rock is run by white guys.

Their website is currently decked out for their newest album, titled Ritual. The themes talk about Christianity, witchcraft, and which one is more empowering for not only women, but for survivors of abuse. The site is decked out in a sepia color, with black, gray, and serifed type. The only complaint I really have is that some of their subpages look a little cramped, especially on a desktop screen. But not too shabby, In This Moment!

A screencap of a gif on In This Moment's page. It flashes between the band's logo, and several other religious images.
A screencap of their tour dates. There are spots to reserve tickets, and their navigation bar is easy to read.
A screencap from In This Moment's store. It's a stark difference from their regular site, with a white background instead of black. But the merch featured fits their current album theme very well.
The Music subpage for In This Moment. They have two albums up on this site; Black Widow, which was about Maria's experiences as a sex worker, and then Ritual, which features conflicting ideas on religion and witchcraft.