The artist's signature on top of the menu bar. It reads Milo Clark, with a little artist's mark next to it.
A photo of the artist. He's sitting in a chair, one leg pulled up, and looking into the camera. He's wearing a green beanie, black sweatshirt, torn up bluejeans, what appears to be fishnets, and Converse with Van Gogh socks. He seems like a very serious person in this photo.

I'm an artist in my twenties, and hope to one day intern at Big Label Company, Perky Bros, and Third Man Records. I would also love to make an autobiographical comic about my experiences as a queer man in the South. I have high hopes to one day meet, and possibly even work under, Stefan Sagmeister. Later on in life, I'd like to take all the skills I've learned in graphic design so they can be applied to tattooing and piercing. With every piece I make, I hope to be a little more skilled than I was before making that piece. In addition to graphic design, I love to cook, and would love to work on putting together a cookbook. I have plans to move up to Boston in the near future, and hope that I might be able to retire with my partner somewhere quiet, and green.

I grew up in Clarksville TN, and decided to come down to Nashville for college because of Watkins College of Art. Thanks to the help of professors, colleagues, and many cups of coffee, I'm able to navigate the graphic design world a little bit better. Thanks so much for reading!