The artist's signature on top of the menu bar. It reads Milo Clark, with a little artist's mark next to it.

Personal Work

Personal Projects

Collage of various magazine scraps. Moveable type experimentation. The face is in a serif face, and reads as follows; They were kids I once knew, now they're all dead hearts. A pink composition with a snake, carnations, and a pink circle as part of the background. A photo negative, with some image overlap. It features a hand at a piece of paper with a pen, and a lamp. A sticker that reads Work Hard on top, Play Hard on bottom. A sticker of the trans flag colors, which reads Trans Rights Are Human Rights over the image. Tattoo design done in microns on sketch paper. The design itself is a ram's skull. A handdrawn sticker which features a conversation. One side reads; Can you do something for me? The other reads; Absolutely not Vector illustration for a windbreaker. It follows a warm color scheme. A self portrait of the artist. A wooden button with You're Okay written on it
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