Online Notebook

Sasha Campbell

Week 1

Entry 1 - Instagram

The site overall mimics the more popular app version of the website. However, there are some major differences which cause the web version of Instagram to be less attractive to its users. There isn't a function to allow the user to post straight from computer to their profile, and there isn't a way for the user to use the app's direct messaging function. The Instagram site is responsive. The timeline gradually grows smaller and the sidebar with the users profile, stories, and suggested users disappears.

Instagram homepage image

Entry 2 - Twitter

Twitter is a website that honors the more popular app version nicely. There isn't anything in the website that you don't see in the app and vice versa. However, the site isn't responsive, and cuts off the timeline after a while. Format wise, the site looks like most other social media websites. There's one timeline/dashboard that the user scrolls up or down on, and there are other sidebars with suggested user information that disappears when scrolling.

Twitter homepage image

Bonus ! Entry 3 - SMTOWN

The official SMTOWN website overall has a clean yet fun layout. The website has a lot of elements moving, and a lot is going on overall. However, because it doesn't clash with each other and with the site overall it works. There are many different elements for the viewer to interact with such as a photo gallery, newly released music gallery, news articles, and more. The header has a few elements as well as a hamburger menu on the side. There's also a banner at the very top informing the viewer about upcoming auditions. The site isn't responsive and cuts off the content if the user minimizes the screen more than around 50 percent.