Online Notebook

Sasha Campbell

Week 10

Entry 1 - Netflix

The Netflix website has a wide variety of images and links for the viewer to click on to lead them to the show they want to watch. There's a good color to white space ratio going on. It doesn't feel like it's overwhelming and the icons are large enough to where I can see them but it doesn't take up too much of the screen. When hovering over some icons, they have a lightbox effect where they get larger and then plays a trailer or teaser. Netflix's homepage breaks up the pattern by highlighting new shows or specials by giving them a full div and playing a trailer. It's responsive, and easy to navigate.

Netflix homepage image Netflix homepage image

Entry 2 - Hulu

This website has a similar style to Netlfix's. The difference here is that Hulu embraces a lighter theme and first displays recommended shows rather than what you've watched. Once you scroll down the page, you see that what you've watched and recommendations do start to appear, and then large recommended tiles. Again, the site is easy to navigate and is pretty straight forward. When hovering over some of the icons, they tell you what they do and disappear when you let go. Instead of playing a teaser or trailer, Hulu displays a screencap and then a description. Along with this, the site is not responsive.

Hulu homepage image Hulu homepage image

Bonus ! Entry 3 - YouTube

YouTube has a lot going on, but it fits. Theres a sidebar with different options that are labeled, so it's easy for the viewer to understand what goes where. The body consists of different thin divs with icons for different videos. There's a trending, recommended, and so on. This is the same as Netflix and Hulu's pages, however the difference with YouTube is that they only have the small icons. There is no break in the layout where a recommended show takes up most of the space like with the others. The page is not responsive.