Online Notebook

Sasha Campbell

Week 11


The portfolio website for the artist XANTHE BOUMA (X B) is set up similarly to other portfolio websites. There's an evenly spaced array of images that all take up the same amount of space. The illustrations all once again not only fit the artist's style and aesthetic but fit in a nice color scheme together. Paired with a nice white background, the site is refreshing to look at while remaining functional.

X B homepage image

Entry 2 - Project Nought

This is a funky little website for the webcomic Project Naught. It allows the reader to read the comic page by page on the website while giving news and different notifications on the site. There's a short menu bar at the top once you get past the splash page. The navy background fits in with the colors of the images. However, it's a little awkward seeing the news under each of the pages. It would've been nice to see a page dedicated to news instead.

PN homepage image PN homepage image

Bonus ! Entry 3 - Jean Wei

This is a portfolio website for Jean Wei. This site is structured with illustrations and animations in an unordered array. The images each take up their own space and there's no order with how each are organized. The light green color for the type is a littl hard to read, however it's easy to navigate while being able to look at good work. The site is responsive.