Online Notebook

Sasha Campbell

Week 12

Entry 1 - Just Kyle

Kyle Jones is an illustrator and motion design artist in Nashville, TN. His portfolio site is arranged in a way that a small collection of his work is on the right hand side and a sidebar on the left. It's easy to navigate and understand what is where. The typeface is easy to read and his logo is creative and still legible. The page's color scheme isn't a specific one but it all flows really well. Outside of the homepage and the about page, every other link goes to an outside page. The site is responsive.

Just Kyle homepage image

Entry 2 - Marsoid

Mars Heyward is an illustrator and comic artist. Their work is displayed on this site to draw in fans and new visitors. The homepage is comprised of different divs with options to bring you to other pages. The website's color scheme is refreshing with pops of bright colors here and there. It's easy to read and navigate. The div's have fixed images that show a little bit of it at a time as you scroll down which is a nice touch. It alternates from fixed div and fixed image. The website is responsive.

Mars homepage image Mars homepage image

Bonus ! Entry 3 - The Art of Kino

This site looks a bit underdeveloped. This is another portfolio website for an artist named Kino. The text over the first image in the homepage is white which makes it too hard to read. The artist should have put it in its own section outside of the image, or changed the color, or changed the way the image looks. It's just too hard to read. However, that aside, the site is very easy to navigate. There's a top bar with the information and a gallery with a nice array of images.