Online Notebook

Sasha Campbell

Week 2

Entry 1 - Phoenix Art Museum

The website for the Phoenix Art Museum leaves a lot of white space on each side of the body content which has been centered. It seems to let the events and the work speak for itself in terms of aesthetics. It's very simplistic, however it seems like some of the elements on the page are redundant, or gives off that impression because of the amount of buttons and links in a confined area. There might not be a need for all of these elements above the fold. That being said, it is balanced compositionally. The large images in the body compliment the small sidebars on either side.

Phoenix Museum homepage

Entry 2 - High Museum

To compare to the museum website above, the High Museum site is simple as well, but uses the white space unlike the Phoenix Art Museum. There is only one sidebar, with links that would make sense to the viewer, and the body beside it. Scrolling down the website looks very clean and pleasing. The home page essentially shows a small taste of what the links on the sidebar contain. When you click over the links, theres a variety of different sub links to choose from, some of this info not seen on the home page or not discussed in the deepest detail. Overall, the website is quite informative and to the point with a modern look.

High Museum homepage

Bonus ! Entry 3 - Lowe Mill

Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment's website, just like the Phoenix Museum of Art's website, offers a generous amount of white space on either side of the main body of content. Aside from the header with links, there are no sidebars. It's extremely simplistic. After a scroll or two you see that the homepage shows some of the studios which could lead the viewer to want to click on that page (In which, I did for the hell of it). Once taken to the studio page my interest peaked and I saw then that the site wasn't simply dull but just simple. It got it's point made clearly and without much confusion. I can get to where I need to get and back in a snap and it doesn't look cheesy, or over complicated, so it's not so bad.