Online Notebook

Sasha Campbell

Week 3

Entry 1 - FOX

The website for the broadcasting channel FOX showcases the newest episodes of their shows. Right underneath the semi translucent navigation there is a video previewing one of their shows. Today, the show that has been showcased is Gordon Ramsay's 24hrs to Hell and Back Below that is a grid of featured programs, and then the footer. Overall, the website is very simple and easy to navigate. You have the show they want to showcase the most, the others that are their "primetime" shows, and then some shows that fit other categories such as sports shows, live now, and popular shows. It's honestly not all that special, and kind of bland as a website. homepage

Entry 2 - NBC

The website for the broadcasting channel NBC is quite similar to the website reviewed above. However, there are some distinct differences. Instead of a video previewing one show below the navigation bar, there is a slideshow of multiple primetime shows. I will say, though it's nice to see a variety, I prefer the video more. The slideshow is too busy, and since these shows are going to be placed on the homepage of the site later anyways it makes it kind of redundant. One thing NBC's website does that FOX's doesn't is that they display more than just the television show on their homepage. There's a section for clips, new episodes, trending, and one to watch full seasons. Overall though, the site is a little too busy for my liking, and it isn't even with actions such as mouse over hovering. It's just that the placement of the shows on the website is too redundant, and at first glance it looks like the company doesn't have a lot of programs. clicking into the shows tab, there's a lot more to the site then expected, of course. The homepage is only to showcase their best and newest shows, but when they repeat that it gets tiring. This is all really a nit-picky thing, but it irritates me to no end. No hard feelings NBC, and I can't wait to watch Brooklyn 99 tonight. homepage

Bonus ! Entry 3 - Wipeout on ABC

To those who don't know, Wipeout was a television show that aired on ABC for a duration of 7 seasons during the years of 2008 - 2014. ABC online keeps all of their shows online so that viewers can watch it on the go. However, because Wipeout has been off the air for so long, it seems that ABC has wiped out all of the information on the show. All that's left that the viewer can see is the blackish background (And no, I don't mean the tv show Blackish which you can also watch on ABC Go).