Online Notebook

Sasha Campbell

Week 4

Entry 1 - Forever 21

Firstly, happy President's Day weekend. Secondly, Forever 21 made the mistake of appreciating President's Day a little too much with the amount of red white and blue they used above the fold. There's an extreme amount of good ole American red white and blue that makes the site look a little cheap. Below the fold, however, the site starts to look back to normal with the images having a muted color palette. It's easy for the user to navigate, and there's enough on the page that will leave them satisfied. In comparison to the other websites I'll be reviewing this week, it seems like Forever 21 doesn't really have a large padding on the left and right side.

Forever 21 homepage

Entry 2 - H&M

This website definitely contains the contents of the website in a heavily padded area. As you continue down the page, the images are all organized differently. Some might take up more space than others, and some might be paired with multiple images to form many layouts as you scroll down. This site, along with Forever 21's site, has a large footer that takes up as much space as one of the sections on the site.

H&M homepage

Bonus ! Entry 3 - American Eagle

Out of all 3 websites here, I would say that American Eagle's website is the farthest thing from a shopping website. It looks more like a fashion blogging website because of the large blocks of bright images. The site also could pass as a store for an online clothing store or a clothing store that's more underground. However, AE is a behemoth sized brand and clothing store chain. The website doesn't have nearly as many places to click or images to look at in comparison to Forever 21's site for example, but that's okay because this works for them. If they added anything else to this site it would feel crowded.