Online Notebook

Sasha Campbell

Week 5

Entry 1 - YG Family

YG Entertainment or YG Family's website is made of 3 main components. First, they have a header with links to sub pages in the site such as their talents, news, and more. Then they have a slideshow with their newest artist's work. After that, there is an area below dedicated for notices, a featured music video, and other news. Finally, the site wraps it up with a footer. Once you get past the homepage and go into the subpages such as the artists page there's definitely more content, but it's still very very simple. This website is straight to the point and let's the viewer know about the talent quickly and without flashing lights or gizmos.

YG Ent

Entry 2 - JYP Entertainment

The website for the JYP Entertainment company is very colorful. The body of the site is compiled of one image of each of their main artists. When clicked on them, it'll bring you to a new page for that artist. However, the images they picked for the artists looks low quality and some are very blurry. There's a thin navigation and a thin footer as well, which so far I haven't seen as much while doing these reviews. Once you click on the artist's image, it'll bring you to that artist's page. I tried opening two artist's pages, but it seems like in Chrome, it gets replaced. I clicked on the page for the group DAY6 and a new tab opened. Then I went back into the home page on the other tab and tried to click on the image for the group TWICE and the tab for DAY6 that was open was replaced (it sounds complicated but hey that's what happened.) Those pages though are quite simple. It's just a high resolution image from the main website, and then some links at the top such as their profile, gallery, videos, etc. This is the same for all their artists. The site could use some changes, I believe, but overall it's not hard to navigate (but it it's responsive).

JYP Ent TWICE site

Bonus ! Entry 3 - NCT from SMTOWN

This is a website from another website, SMTOWN, that was in the week 1 review. NCT is one of their artists and I decided to write a review on their page, however it is a few years outdated. Other artists from their site seem to have updated pages, but for NCT when you click on the sub links, all the information is not caught up to speed so it's hard for the viewer to keep up with them. Whoever is managing the website should stop slacking. It also feels very awkward with the 2 black bars on either side of the content.