Online Notebook

Sasha Campbell

Week 6

Entry 1 - Apple

The Apple website is a smooth and clean site that utilizes the white space around each of the images. Not only does it give the content inside each of the sections enough room to breathe, but it makes all the colors of the products stand out even more. 7 of the 10 containers (4 large and 6 smaller containers) has two links: Learn More and Buy. The other 3 have special links to redirect the user to another webpage. There's a navigation at the top for some of the products such as the iPad, iPhone, Macs, etc. This is nit-picky, but the first section has "Buy" in front of "Learn More" and the rest are switched. I'd like for there to be a consistency since the rest of the page is very well organized. Inside some of the pages, many of the images move when you scroll down. This was effective in the iPhone category, but when you got to the iPads they scroll sideways. This makes it very difficult for the viewer to keep up with the information, and can make them dizzy.

Apple Homepage 1 Apple Homepage 2 Apple iPhone screen Apple iPad screen

Entry 2 - Samsung

The Samsung webpage is structured similarly to Apple's, however there are a few differences. First, you can see that Samsung uses more color on the homepage overall. Some of the sections have background's which make the page seem more full. The page has a lot of different products displayed, and when you click on each image it will bring you to a new page dedicated to that product. It would have been nice to see some padding around the top and bottom of each section though. It seems a little cramped, especially with the backgrounds. The page is responsive, and just shrinks when the window gets smaller.

When clicking on the first product, I'm redirected to a page that looks almost exactly like the Apple iPhone page. Both have elements that pop up or appear when scrolling and other fun tricks as well.

Samsung's homepage Samsung Galaxy S10+ image

Bonus ! Entry 3 - Android

The Android website definitely emulates the phones they make. It seems a little cheap (in comparison to the other two that were reviewed) but, as its own site it does what it set out to do. On the home page it's easy to see the products they are advertising, but it does seem like instead of having the fun tricks and whatnot, Android opted for a simple slideshow for the products. It's a nice website that's actually easier to navigate than the others.