Online Notebook

Sasha Campbell

Week 7

Entry 1 - Starbucks

The Starbucks website offers a nice color palette and is nice to watch right off the get-go. It seems like the page is broken up into a few horizontal divs, and each has some of their products or promotional items inside. It's easy to navigate and has a small navigational bar at the top. When hovering over each link in the navigation, it drops down more options. There's a textured background and a solid background. I personally believe they should have just stuck with one of the backgrounds, preferably the solid color, because it looks distracting. Other than that, this site looks clean and is functionable. There's not really anything new or fancy about it, and it get's the job done.

Starbucks Homepage

Entry 2 - Dunkin' Donuts

This is another webpage that isn't too special, but get's the job done. In terms of composition, it resembles Starbuck's website a lot. There's come horizontal containers with some specials and deals, a top navigation with more options when clicked on, and when you click on say the menu and go to food and drink, there's a gridded list of items. Starbuck's isn't exactly like that, but they're similar. This ins't bad, but it just seems too similar. It makes me feel like the food will be the same. The site is responsive and works well, however.

Dunkin Donuts homepage

Bonus ! Entry 3 - Ochaski

The Ochaski Website is by far my favorite that I have reviewed. There's the right amount of effects that makes me interested in the page, while being very informative and easy to navigate. It has a clear and crisp design and layout which brings out the colors of the tea more, and makes them pop. The amount of white space around each image works well with some of the containers with a background or lots of color. It isn't overwhelming. The site is responsive and shrinks and gross with the page. My only main critique is that it would be nice to have the text size be a little bigger, and changing the text color in some areas. Overall, a great site.