Online Notebook

Sasha Campbell

Week 9

Entry 1 - Expedia

The Expedia website is a stylish site that looks easy for the viewer to book their flight. The site seems to be broken into two halves: the booking portion, and the recomendations. The images on the site all match a certain color vibrancy and tone. When you click on each of the recommended places and savings, it will bring you to a new page with more information. Overall, the website is clear and aesthetically pleasing and makes traveling easy.

Expedia homepage image

Entry 2 - Kayak

Right off the bat the website looks extremely bland. It looks as if the site needs some more color or something attractive. Since it is a travel website, it should kinda show off a fun or happy mood. However, this website is just a little too sterile looking. That being said however, it is easy to view and navigate. Dare I say it's easier to navigate than Expedia. Theres a menu bar, the manual enter flights area, and then recommended, like with Expedia. Overall, it's not bad and can get me to where I need to go, but after seeing Expedia's page Kayak looks a little underdone.

Kayak homepage image

Bonus ! Entry 3 - Hotwire

Hotwire's website looks a lot more entertaining than Kayaks while still being efficient. There is a fun image of the "Hotwire Effect" which ties back into their commercial with the same slogan. It looks frivolous and fancy while still allowing the user to comfortably use the site and book their flights or hotels. The bottom has a few recommended areas as well. However, the type they used for the recommended area doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the website. That would honestly have to be my only real critique about the website as it stands pretty close to Expedia on terms of how nice it is.