Week 1

Travis Scott:

So the websites I chose to critique were popular artist, Travis Scott and Ariana Grande . First I looked ver Travis Scott's website, and I was pretty impressed with what the web designers did. The Home page is a 3-d image of travis Scotts head, and I found it interesting how you could maneuver it. Another thing I thought was great was how responsive it is. Now this website is very simplistic, but very effective. I am not a big fan of the design they put on the website, but I am a big fan of the functionality. It does include tour dates and a video of his biggest hit single, and lastly albums for sale. I think it is an average website just because it docent have enough information to click through, its very straight forward.


Ariana Grande:

Now, Ariana Grande's website is a very responsive website, she has a hamburger menu, with a shop, a Album shop, and her clothing Merchandise. I think she could put them all together just because they seem very similar in subjects. It also glows on images when you hover over it with the mouse, also her home page has different videos of her music which you can click and send you to youtube, and her links to purchase the song. Its important to have links to purchase things, send you to information the user wants to know. Lastly the header scroll with you when you scroll down , so it overlaps the other designs, but overall I'd say this website is much more successful than I thought.


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