Week 2

James Arthur:

So this week, I'm doing more musicians and James Arthur has an amazing, responsive website. What I enjoy about it is the transitions it has when you scroll down the page. It has little details that you notice and are effective. For example, when the videos light up when you hover over the image, and when you click on the image it sends you to the website. Lastly there is one problem I have and it is the hamburger menu, I don't think it is necessary for them to put it on there just because you can scroll down to it on the home page, I think they can place it on there if it had links for the audience to go to, but in this case its not needed.



Now, Korn's website is a little underwhelming when you enter the website. It sends you to the main page , and its just two options to choose from, and tour and shop, now I feel like they could add those two options to there “shop” instead of having to different links. Its harder on them and its easier for us. I don't really mind having those two, but its convenient. Another thing is how there shop isn't really responsive, it responds to having it very thin, but when you try to enlarge it it stays the same and has a border creating a box. I think its a good idea for that particular website, just because its very hectic and if you stack spread them out it would look empty and spacious.


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