Week 3

Otis Redding:

Now, Otis Redding's website is very responsive and works best as a website on the computer and works as a phone version. The mouse hover is one of the best I have seen and I think the composition works very well. Another thing I noticed was the opacity of some of the menus work great with the images on the back. Lastly I think this website is very simple and effective, its very easy to use and becomes more of an experience of Otis than just a website. There are lots of websites that just don't work, but this one in particular makes you feel like your living in the website. The more you interact with the audience and make it easy to use the better.



So Beyonce's website is pretty nice, and I think that it works better as a phone version than an actual computer website. Another thing is, the images are very big when used on a computer or laptop, the website gets over whelming with photos. I think the best feature on the website is her tour section in her hamburger menu, it's nicely designed and it has multiple little details that makes it very easy to use, for example the hover light, or the links to videos and dates to her tours. Lastly, the website is overall okay and average for a website I think it could use some tweaking on composition, but other that that its fine.


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