Week 4

Alicia Keys:

Alicia Keys and her website are both simple and responsive, I do think that it is a little hectic at times. Also It is a little misleading when you look up the website it shows you an image but when you scroll up something else pops up, I feel like there should be a first slide, then you could scroll down. Not get to the page scroll up , then down its common to scroll down then up when visiting a website. The phone version is a lot better than the computer version, jut because it has more breathing space and isn't as hectic. Lastly it was very easy to find certain things through the categories, and overall it was a successful website.


Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga's website is the first I see with a custom cursor which I think fits her personality very well, she's very out there and different than other artist. I like how it feels like we are shown her persona in this website which I feel was necessary because this is there very own website. It is responsive and pretty simple to use, I also think that its not really selling anything besides the merchandise she has, but other than that its more of a promotion site. Lastly I think it does describe her and its very pop, and bright. I think its cool to a certain extent.


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