Week 5


So for the first website this week I decided to do "dreamville records" I think that they have a solid website, and its very simplistic and very easy to use. Something I enjoy is that they have there artist in a small list for you to find them. Also I think its cool how they have there own page for each artist I found it helpful for the artist to be on one single page, because some of the record website take you to a different page. Lastly I feel like the website has the essentials and small details like cursor hovering and having the names popping up and having the opacity of the images and the gradient colors change when you scroll down to see more clearer. I think there is concept in these websites, I think some artist don't have full control over some things, but they add there own flavor to these pages.


Kendrick Lamar:

Kendrick Lamars website is a very informational and I think that having so much information on one page is hard, but I think they pulled it off, in the sense of having things transition to other photos and information. Then you have lot more of his art throughout the website by clicking the hamburger menu. There are aloof things that makes this a simple website, but it also makes it a very informed with lots of information website. I think its a good built page and are doing a good job of just keeping the web as simple but effective with so much.


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