Week 6

Gwen Stefani:

Gwen Stefani’s website is actually very nice and very responsive, I thought some things could be fixed, but overall her website is phenomenal. I think its a website just like other musicians, it is a one page website, but she does have links to her shop and other things. Some thing I would change would be the social media logos on the top right a little bigger they are not as prominent, I almost missed them and didn’t click on them, but I think its important to put your social medias out on the website because its self branding and you need it if you want people to follow you and buy things. Lastly I did enjoy the light up when you hover over the picture and also I thought it was nice to put the word on top of the opacity.


Miley Cyrus:

Now, Miley Cyrus and her website are also good, but I do think it is a bit plain to me. Its so simple and basic which is fine, all she has are links to her youtube an her social medias and streaming platforms, but overall I think its a website that works. Its a page where you just look at her videos and I think that if you have a vision for a certain website do and pursue it. I just think that its could be done bit better, maybe not the black on the background, but maybe a lighter color and keep it consistent to her wo pages.

miley miley

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