Week 7

Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackon's website was a little oudated in a asense, i know he not alove anymore but there sould be an update once in a while, sense they are still selling his clothes. Now i think it works for what it is, its very responive and basic which i think its good, but i thought it was outdated cause of the designa dnthe type fcaes they chose, but overall this is a good webpage. What i enjoyed most about it was how the imgaes folows you when you scroll and fades away when finish scrolling through that page.


Tokyo Myers:

Now, Tokyo Myers website i thought was basic and effective, its so simple, its a one page wbsite, and it just contains his tour dates and other stuff, but i thought it was consistant through out the page and i think that its consistent in contrast and proportion. Scroll down to see whats going on. I loved how the beginging started how it was anhuge portrait of himself, but i think tht it was well put together.

Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo

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