Week One

Review No. 1

Rebecca Green

Rebecca Green's homepage Rebecca Green's about page

The website I chose to do my review on is illustrator, Rebecca Green's website. Upon first entering the website, it is very aesthetically pleasing. Since this is an illustrator's website, her artwork being at the forefront is very important. When you click the hamburger menu, it takes you to a list of all her work, which is a very important aspect for a free-lance artist's site.

With the title of the website being "My Blank Paper", the site fits that name very well: it has a handwritten/drawn feel to it which is very appropriate. All of the tabs are simple but contain all the information I was looking for. The webste is also very responsive: as the website it reaized, the pictures move along and resize very smoothly.

Overall, the site is vert easy to navigate and is very aesthetically pleasing. I love the overall look and handmade feel. She included links in a coordinating color for all of her social medias under her tabs, which made it very easy to find.

Review No. 2

The Art of the Title

Art of the title home page

The website, The Art of the Title, is a fairly easy to navigate site. It is very responsive and reshapes to smaller and larger sizes without any awkwardness. My only complaint is that all of the tabs to navigate are at the bottom of the page, and they would be alot easier to find if they were at the top.

The color scheme is pleasing to the eye. Popular titles are the first thing you see when you are on the homepage, so that is important to someone who may be looking for a popular show's title scenes. Overall, I like the website alot. It is very simple, straightforward and clean.