Week 10

Review No. 1

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain hompage

The website, DrawRight.com is the homepage of artist Betty Edwards. The site itself is very straightforward. It is responsive to a certain point: tje picture will only get to a certain size, so very larger monitors will see blank space on either side. There is no footer, which I am disappointed by. The menu is all on the left side of the site, which is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate. The social media is easy to find at the bottom of the menu. Overall, the site is kind of boring, but the menu is easy for the viewer.

Review No. 2

Amazon's homepage

Amazon's homepage

Amazon's homepage is an ecclectic mix of everything Amazon offers, which I don't horribly mind. It reminds me they have a streaming service within the scrolling banner at the top, along with several of their own brand of devices. It is only responsive up to a certain size going small or large, which is a bummer for viewers with a larger desktop. But also not much is needed with the small size since they do have an app that would take care of smaller screens. I do like that as soon as I got on the site, it prompted me with a seperate button to sign up for an account and pointed me to the account button. There is quite a footer at the bottom and it is honestly a little overwhelming, but the information that one would be looking for is most likely there. Overall, a very clean and organized site. Things are easy to find.