Week Twelve

Review No. 1

Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon's homepage

Lisa Congdon's website is yet another clean and simple illustration portfolio website. I have really noticed a pattern with the illustration portfolio websites that I have come across and they all keep the colors and the layout super clean and simple so that the fun and bright illustrations will shine through and be the main focus. Lisa's site does not disappoint. She has three scrolling pictures that interchange at the top, and even a small footer right below that has all of her social media there (which is also located at the top - bravo, Lisa!), along with a link for her newsletter. Her handwritten title to her website is very fun and sets the mood for the site as well, and fits her personality. The site is not very responsive, which is disappointing.

Review No. 2

Shelby Rodeffer

Shelby Rodeffer's homepage

Yet again, I have come across another illustrator's website with a clean simple white background with a focus on the color pictures of the portfolio taking the main focus. She has a scrolling portfolio with a much larger pictures that is scrolling. The site itself is very responsive

Shelby Rodeffer's sketchbook

The sketchbook section of Shelby's website is so much fun. When you mouse over a sketchbook, it opens up the book and shows the inside. I love this section and find it much more interesting than the typical portfolio page.