Week Thirteen

Review No. 1

Andy J. Pizza

Andy J. Pizza's homepage

Andy J. Pizza's homepage is so much fun: the colors are so bright and inviting, the animations on some of the thumbnails are so cuteand exciting. The only thing that really bugs me is that Andy's name is on top of some of the menu items. I'm sure it is not supposed to be, but it doesn't matter how I size the page, it is still interfering with the top. Otherwise, I love the page. His homepage is honestly what I want for my own portfolio homepage: the simple and clean layout don't take away fromt the bright and colorful art that is supposed to be at the forefront. His page is very responsive: all the thumbnails resize and shrink down to still allow the same effect even on smaller screens. He doesn't have a footer, but everything you need is in the header at the top, along with the menu above that.

Review No. 2

Meg Hunt

Meg Hunt's homepage

Meg Hunt's website features a very simple scrolling portfolio effect at the top as the main focus. Again, just like Andy's, the website itself is very clean and white and let's the colorful illustrations be the main focus. Meg does have a footer, that includes all of her social media, and even a link to her Patreon account. The only complaint I have with her scrolling portfolio is that when you click on a picture within it, it scrolls faster and does not take you to a bigger version of the picture you clicked on. Overall, the site is very responsive, and I do love that you don't have to navigate the site beyond the homepage to get a good idea of what Meg Hunt's illustration is all about.