Week Fourteen

Review No. 1

Mary Kate McDevitt

Mary Kate McDevitt's homepage

Mary Kate's website has a very handwritten/handdrawn feel to it. It completely fits her personality and brand. The site itself is very responsive. It is very easy to navigate: her email and socials are all on the footer at the bottom. The only gripe I have with her site is that her search bar is almost all the way at the bottom, which is not very user friendly.

Review No. 2

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische's homepage

Jessica Hische's homepage is so cute, very responsive, and very easy to navigate. Her site used to have a style button where you could click it and it would change the style and layout of the site.I wish it was still there. Her new book is the main focus when you open the page, her other work is below it. It makes it very easy for potential clients to see all that she has to offer. Her footer doesn't have a ton of information, but it does have her email and even an interactive client email generator that is fun.