Week Three

Review No.1

The Warren

The Warren Homepage Another view of the warren homepage

The Warren is a studio for several illustrators and graphic designers located here in Nashville. The website for The Warren is a very minimalistic one: the white background and the small golden yellow accent bars lend to the simplicity. The menu at the top contains the basic information that you would need about this place, although one of the links has nothing on it yet, but it may still be in progress. The artist tab, when you hover over it, brings a pull down list of all the artists that are a part of the studio, and as you click on each name, it will bring you to each of their websites.

The site itself is very responsive down to a very small size. However, it is limited to a maximum size and will not fill the space when expanded to the full monitor size.

Review No. 2

Sarah Tate Illustration

Sarah Tate's homepage Sarah Tate's about page

This a website for a local Nashville illustrator, and like the artists that are similar to this one, it is a very simple and fun site. The site is very responsive and will make a beautiful small and large site. Her handwritten and illstrated title of her page goes along with the colors of the pictures below. The website itself focuses primarily on her artwork. When you click on each individual artwork, it expands into the window and when you click it again, it minimizes to go back to the original website. Again, it is very simple: there is only a homepage, with the artwork, and the about page that tells all about the artist, including her picture and companies she has worked for. The list of companies all have links which will take you to each companies site. There is no footer for this site, but the typical info is found on the about page.

Review No.3

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network homepage

Honestly, my first impression of this website is chaos. There is so much to look at and click on, and to some visitors, this might be a little off-putting. It does open up directly to the game section, which might be what this website is known for, I am not sure. The games are all laid out in a grid system, which is a nice little piece of organization amid the chaos.

All the icons move and bounce with the move of the page. When you mouse over the menu at the top, the icons bounce down and finally settle so you can click on them. Also, as you scroll down and then back up, the squares, or game icons, float and bounce back as well, which is really fun, especially for a site that is geared towards children, and cartoon loving adults.

Cartoon Network footer

The footer contains some basic info of the website: it tells of the cartoons they are known for, social media, and even has a link to an anti-bullying website, which could be important for some children to see. Overall, this is very responsive and fun site. When sized down smaller, the icons all become circular and put in rows, which is very pleasing to the eye.