Week Four

Review No.1

Sam Angel

Sam Angel's homepage

Sam Angel is a Watkins alumni and a local Nashville photographer. Her website is laid out beautiful and simple. As with most artist's websites that I have seen, simplicity is key. The first thing you see when you are on the homepage is a lovely closeup of a pitcher pouring milk. The beauty is in the small details, which is even very true about her photography. The site is somewhat responsive. It will get larger once it gets to a certain point, but also at a certain point it will not shrink anymore and the pitcher begins to get cut off. The menu is located on the left side and it contains all the different categories of her work, and it even breaks each category down even further, which makes finding what you are looking for, very easy.

Sam Angel's photography

Once you click on food, and the the New tab under that category, you are brought to a grid image of all of Sam's new food photography. This page is responsive as well, to a certain point, although it does look better at a medium size as the grid fits well together and makes an even square. Overall the site is beautiful, clean, and well-organized.

Review No. 2

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor homepage

The trip advisor web page very much reminds me of Facebook, with the three columns of information on the page. The middle column seems to hold your pictures and main content, while the other sides show you more information on who to follow and even how to get help. The top of the page is laid out with tabs of all the most popular areas to search in, and for what you can't find, there is a More tab.

Trip Advisor pull down menu

I personally love the pull-down menu at the top middle that asks "Where to?" When you click it, it brings down a list of popular nearby destinations, or you could enter in your own place in the search bar. The pull-down menu is located in the middle of a picture of yachts in a busy city harbor and it definitely makes me want to travel! The site itself is very responsive down to a very small size and even up to a very large size. The columns do disappear at a certain point and it becomes a one column site. Overall, laid out very nicely and easy to navigate.

Review No. 3


Yelp homepage

Yelp's website is very functional and responsive. The main focus is the categories right below the search bar. When you click on the search bar to type, a drop down menu comes up that brings up subcategories, which is super helpful. The photo that you see upon opening is very fun and speaks to the site's function.

Yelp footer

When you scroll all the way down to the bottom, it reveals quite a big footer. It also holds the links to download the apps, which is why the website might not be as responsive past a certain point when you shrink it down, as it doesn't necessarily need to be. The subcategories underneath the categories seem very vast, which is helpful to find the exact link to what you are looking for. I also love the illustration at the base of the website that shows a row of small businesses with the shadow of the big city behind it. It fits the attitude of the function of the site.